Without Flour

September 8 - December 19 2015

Curator: Marie Shek

In this exhibition we meet the unique worlds of four female artists bringing to the fore ideas from a feminine, traditional and cultural perspective. Matter (the flour), time (from biblical to modern times) and place (the Negev) are coming full circle, as the desert housing the Negev Museum of Art is where wheat was traditionally grown.

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מוזיאון הנגב לאמנות
The Negev Museum of Art

The Negev Museum of Art is located in the Old City of Beer Sheva, in a charming historic building that was used in the past as home to the Turkish governor, during the Ottoman reign in Israel.
The structure was built in 1906 next to the grand mosque and other governmental buildings.
During the British mandate the building was used as home to the appointed district officer, and later as a girls' school. After the declaration of Independence, the building served as the city's municipality building, and was later transformed into The Negev Museum of Art, as part of the Archeology Museum compound. In 2004, an extensive renovation was completed, which included the addition of an elevator and modification of the inner spaces to modern museum presentation standards, and it is now declared as a preserved historic building. The museum contains three galleries displaying temporary exhibitions, and a vast entrance yard. Visitors can enjoy temporary exhibitions and live concerts during the summer.

Comming Soon at the Project Room:

The Gaze: Women Artists from the Museum's Collection

opening at 9 September


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